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modern architecture, beautiful lake view from the terrace of a penthouse

modern architecture, beautiful lake view from the terrace of a penthouse


Amazing Wall décor Ideas For The Kitchen

Dressing up the walls in your kitchen is not as difficult as you think. In fact, it is made a lot easier with the help of the various wall decors that are widely available today. If you wish to make your kitchen look a lot more stylish than before, we recommend that you take advantage of the following wall decors:

Wall Plaques and Canvass Arts
The most popular art works in the kitchen area is the picture of the countryside and other types of calming sceneries.

Wall ceramic plates
Since you are in the kitchen, there is no better way to add style to your kitchen wall than to make use of ceramic plates. The ceramic plates that are available today come in a wide array of designs and styles.

Wall lettering
The best way to decorate your kitchen wall is to express your feelings through words and there is no better way to do that than using wall lettering. These wall letterings come in a wide array of designs and styles that you can choose from.

Wall Murals
Adorning your kitchen walls with a mural featuring an amazing sight can surely make your kitchen look a lot more relaxing and homey. You can also opt for murals with a picture of fruits and foods.

Make sure that you equip you kitchen walls with one or all of these decors. With these amazing decors, you can surely make your kitchen be the most stylish kitchen you can ever see.


Modern Décor Items You Can Use To Style Your Walls

Bare walls are never a good thing. Lucky for you, decorating your walls is a very easy thing to do. This is all thanks to the availability of both traditional and non-traditional wall décor items that you can use. We all know that traditional wall décor can be quite boring and tiring and that is why it is best that you choose to use non traditional items to decorate your walls. To help you out, here are some items that you can choose from:

Polystyrene wall art
Nowadays, you can buy polystyrene wall arts that are made out of lightweight material which you can place just about anywhere, including your walls. This type of wall art comes in a wide array of color, design, styles and sizes. The best thing about this art piece is the fact that you can easily install and uninstall it.

Different plates
If you are already tired of using the same old china day in and day out, the best thing that you can do is to have it replaced then hang the old china in your walls. This will create an unexpected striking effect.

Floating Wall Shelves
Floating wall shelves have become popular for the past few years and this is because of the touch of elegance and class that it adds to a home.

Designing your walls with non traditional items is the best way to go.Not only will this add style to your walls, it can also become a great conversation started for you and your guests.


Painting Over Wall Paper: Tips You Must Know!

Seeing the same old wallpaper over and over again for the past few years can really get tiring. This is the reason why a lot of home owners would want to update the look of their home. Instead of removing the wall paper (which can get quite tedious), many people opt to just simply paint over the wall paper. If you are planning on undertaking this project, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Evaluate The Current Condition of The Wallpaper.
This is the very first step that you must do before you paint over your wallpaper. The wallpaper must be free of bubbling, peeling as well as loose sections to make it viable for painting. If the wallpaper features any of the things mentioned, then proceed to removing your wallpaper. That is the best way to go.

Choose The Right Paint Color.
Choose a paint color depending on the design and color of your wallpaper. If your wall paper is darkly colored and feature different designs, then choose paint color that is dark enough to conceal the designs of the wall paper.

Consider The Texture.
Consider the texture of the wall paper that you will be painting over. If your wallpaper has textures, then you will need darker colored paint to cover it. If you want to paint your walls with lighter color, then you really have to remove the wallpaper.
By following these simple tips, you can be able to successfully paint over your old wallpaper and create a brand new look for your walls.


Simple Home Renovation Projects on A Budget

If you wish to simply and cost effectively improve the look of your home, there is no better way to do so than changing the appearance of your white and boring walls. While changing the color of your walls seem like a good idea, there are actually more techniques that you can take advantage of. These are as follows:

Use drywall textures.
Before, dry walls are just purely functional but it has now become a tool of every interior designer due to its appealing texture. The best thing about drywall is the fact that it is quite versatile as it can be used in adding architectural touches to any room. Plus, it can also be used in re-texturing walls and ceilings. One of the most popular texture right now is the orange peel finish.

Try faux painting.
One of the best ways to add a new look to your home is through faux painting. With the use of faux painting, you can be able to achieve special paint and decorative paint finish. It is also the paint of choice when it comes to achieving different techniques like sponging, wood graining as well as freehand designs.

Employ non traditional wall coverings.
You do not have to use paint at all times. In fact, there is actually a more cost effective way of bringing your walls to life– wallpaper. In addition to this, you can also use grass cloth, cork and fabric to cover your walls.

With the use of the techniques given above, you will not just be able to change the appearance of your home– you can even make it look more stylish than usual! With these ways, you can definitely introduce new design and style to your home.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating

Today, the use of underfloor heating has become quite popular. In fact, majority of the house and establishments today have incorporated this interior design in their home. If you are planning to join in the bandwagon and take advantage of the benefits that underfloor heating has to offer. Before you decide on that, let us make things a lot clearer for you by enumerating the pros and cons of underfloor heating.

The Advantages

Extra Space
When you have underfloor heating, you will not need any radiator so you can easily free up the space where you use to place your radiators.

Cost effective
Underfloor heating is a lot more beneficial than radiators in the sense that its maintenance will not require too much money and budget.

More Efficient
When you use underfloor heating, your electric bill can be reduced for up to 25%.

The Disadvantages

Time Consuming
Radiators heat up a lot faster than underfloor heating.

Not flexible
There are actually some appliances that would not work well with underfloor heating. While the list of furniture that it won’t work with is quite short, this is worth taking a look into.

Requires Assistance
Installation of underfloor heating is not a DIY project. It would require the assistance of an expert.

Now that you have identified the advantages and disadvantages of having underfloor heating, you are already well equipped with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision


The Three Important Interior Design Principles To Keep in Mind

Before you redecorate your home, it is highly recommended that you first evaluate the way your family live and move around the house. Redecorating your home should not just be all about achieving a stylish living space– it must be functional too.

If you want to design an interior décor that is both stylish and functional, here are some of the principles that you must keep in mind.

Decorating is more than just for the eyes– it is also about arranging the room in a way that it works for you and your daily needs. In order to do that, you have to take into consideration a variety of factors including your furniture, lighting as well as the furniture arrangement. Make sure to keep your daily routine in mind when deciding on how to redecorate your home.

The mood and feel of a room will depend upon the colors, textures, furnishings and style that you choose. In addition to that, you have to take the mood you want to into consideration when choosing the accessories you plan to use for your home. To set the mood of your home, you must make sure that the patterns, color cues, furniture and inspiration work hand in hand with one another to achieve the perfect theme.

Of course, it is your living space so you must make sure to inject your personal stamp in your living space.

By keeping these principles in mind, you can be able to create a living space that is not just functional and appealing but it also creates an ambiance which suits the personality and mood of your family.


The Various Items You Can use To Decorate Your Walls

Many people think that the final step of decorating their walls is painting. After painting, please take a look at your walls to see if it already looks stylish or not. Of course, it is bare so it will not suit your interiors well. Bare walls will certainly not help you in achieving your dream home so let us get started in adding finishing touches to make your walls as stylish as ever.

Wall Sculptures
You may think that the only things that you can put up in your walls are flat items like frames and the likes. If you want to create a stylish wall, you have to go with the unexpected and opt for wall sculptures. While a bronze sculpture may be too big or wide, glass and metal sculptures have the right amount of size and is perfect in spicing up the look of your home.

Functional Wall Decors
You may think that a décor should only be purely decorative. No, in fact, there are some decors that are functional too. Of course, I am talking about wall clocks as well as mirrors. If you wish to make your room look bigger, using mirrors is the best way to go! Wall clocks, on the other hand, gives you more options as it comes in a variety of designs and styles.

Choose any or all of the above mentioned decors and you can certainly be able to decorate your home in the most stylish way possible


The Various Ways You Can Display Your Oriental Rugs

As we all know, your choice of décor has a great impact on how the interior part of your home will look. One of the best decors you can ever use is actually an Oriental rug. Many people think that tthis type of décor has limited use. If you try to get as resourceful and creative as possible, you will be amazed at the number of ways that oriental rugs can be used. Here are some amaizng ideas to try:

Wall Art
If you do not like to have your rugs stepped on, the best way to use them to decorate your home is to hang it in your walls. If you have large rugs, you can just use them as replacement for your curtains and drapes. On the other hand, you can place small ones in a frame.

Table Cover
For smaller rugs, you can place it on top of a smaller sized table like a coffee topper. On the other hand, Thicker and more durable rugs can be used to cover tables, table tops and shelves.

Bathroom and Kitchen Rug
You must think that using oriental rug in bathroom and kitchen is a suicide project. Actually, it can be the most stylish décor you can ever use as long as you properly take care of it.
These are just some of the ways on how you can use Oriental rugs as a decorative tool. Just make sure that you properly care for your oriental rugs so these can last for a long period of time. These rugs may cost a bot more than the regular ones but the benefits it can provide you with will surely provide you value for your money.


Various Ways on How To Hang Wall décor Without Drilling

We all love to change the decorations of our walls from time to time. After all, swapping out wall decors is the best and easiest way to update the look of your home. However, one of the disadvantages of changing and updating your wall décor is the fact that it leaves drilling holes behind. Lucky for you, there are actually lots of ways on how you can hand decors into your walls without having to drill holes into your walls. Here are some of them:

Double sided tape
If you will just hang lightweight wall decors, there is no need for you to drill a hole into your walls. The best option that you have is to make use of a double sided tape. Keep in mind that adhesives are not that sturdy so this is only recommended for light items.

Super glue
This provides a very easy and strong way to hold decors into place. This is actually capable of holding and carrying heavy items so sky is the limit. Just simply apply paste to your walls, attach the décor and it will work out just fine.

Monkey hooks
Hooks are highly recommended for hanging wall paintings and canvass arts in your walls. This is a damage-free alternative to nails and hammer.
Take advantage of these items and you can surely be able to keep your walls hole-free.


Where To Place Your Security Cameras At Home

Now that you have purchased your CCTV system for your home, what must be your next step? Well, you must decide where you should place the security cameras. While you may think that this is actually a no-brainer, you may be surprised at how many home owners commit mistakes in choosing the position of their cameras.

To help you out, emergency security experts recommend placing cameras in the following parts of the home to make the most out of your security cameras:

Entry ways
We are referring to both the back and front door. You have to make sure that the camera is installed in a place where the thief can easily known it out. This is why it is recommended that you place it at a much higher level and just focus the camera in the front and back door area.

Side Gate or Backyard
Many burglars love entering in the side gate or backyard area as the yard has many elements and it is very easy for them to hide in the bushes and the recreational equipments scattered in the yard. Place night vision surveillance camera and motion-sensor floodlights to monitor this area of your home.

Basement Stairs
Lots of burglars gain access to homes by taking advantage of hatches and doors in the basement. By placing a camera there, it is very easy for you to recognize burglars that will choose to go the basement route.
Make sure to install your cameras in these places and you can surely keep your home and belongings safe and sound.